Protection and Advocacy attorneys and advocates are able to provide a variety of rights trainings/presentations. Below is a list of trainings/presentations regularly provided.  We are able to create/tailor presentations according to audiences. If you do not see your desired topic, please contact our Outreach Coordinator to see if we are able to meet your needs. 


Basic Special Education/504
This session covers the basic rights/protections of the Individuals with Education Act (IDEA) and the role parents play in school meetings. It also takes a brief look at 504 plans and additional resources available for parents.

Understanding the Individualized Education Program (IEP) 
In this session participants will learn about the process of writing the IEP in developing a program that provides access to and ensures that the student will make progress in the general curriculum. Each page of the IEP form will be looked at to gain understanding of what information should be there so that students will be successful with both academic and functional performance in school. 

Becoming an Advocate 
Learning to become a successful advocate will give you the ability to become an effective part of the team that plans your child’s education.  This session will explore rights, relationships, resources and provide tips and strategies for the negotiation process to use when working with the school.

Transition To The Adult World: Creating The Future We Want For Our Childre
How do we move children with disabilities from students to adult learners, workers and community members? We will look at the tools you need to get them there including how to write transition goals, good futures planning, goal setting, real student involvement and knowledge of how to access the resources in the adult world.

Student Directed IEP
Students with disabilities who learn the skills they need to be more involved in their IEP meetings have more positive school and adult experiences. This session will show how a collaborative group has developed a Student Directed –IEP model. We will share the rational, research, application by students at various levels, connections to the general curriculum and our tool kit.

For Students/ Self-advocates:

Right or No Right
(High School Student Version and Adult Version)
Hurry, hurry, step right up!  Test your knowledge on adult rights and privileges in this interactive session that has received rave reviews.

Get Involved: It’s Your IEP. It’s Your Life.
This workshop takes youth through the IEP process, their rights and how to be involved in their IEP’S so they can be successful in school.

Your Rights
This training, which is done by an advocate and self-advocate covers basic human rights and protections for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities living in institutional or community settings.  



This session provides information regarding guardianship of adults with disabilities and alternatives to guardianship.

Your Voice: Your Vote
Voting is a fundamental part of citizenship.  This session explores voting rights through history, how laws impacted individuals with disabilities, and an interactive portion which tests participants’ knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Yes!! You Can Work
This workshop will address the benefits of working-both $$and social and dispel the myths about working and receiving SSI. It will also cover some ADA and employment rights including disability disclosure.
We will also show people at a variety of jobs including self or micro enterprise and give some work tips.

What is Protection and Advocacy?
This brief presentation gives an overview of information about the KY Protection and Advocacy and the services provided.



MPW: Michelle P. Waiver
This training goes through the history, eligibility, services, and how to apply for the MPW.

Getting the Help You Need for Your Child
We will share information on the Medicaid Waivers and other supports available for children and adults with intellectual, developmental or medical disabilities. We will talk about services under each of the Waiver programs and the Hart Supported Living Grant, eligibility and how to apply. The Consumer Directed Option, which gives people the opportunity to direct their own services, will also be shared.

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