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The Near-Death of Brennan Long: Autopsy of an Abusive Restraint - Click Here for Final Report 
Press Release

Have you had had issues as a result of Benefind?  Long wait times to talk to DCBS?  Eligibility for waivers?  Moved to a MCO?  Issues at recertification?

Here are some strategies to help you resolve these issues:

  1. Call the CHFS Ombudsman:   1 (800) 372-2973 or 1 (800) 627-4702 (TTY)
  2. Call your local Representative or State Senator.  For their contact information go to or
  3. Attend Legislative committee meetings and other advisory committee meetings and tell your story, even if your issues has been resolved! LRC Calendar:
  4. Call Kentucky P&A at 1-800-372-2988 for further information on your situation.